How to make a gallery wall!

Creating a gallery wall is so much fun! It's a great way to loosen up, use what you have and make something beautiful in any room in your house. It's your opportunity to share who you are and what you like.You can use literally anything:
    •    Paintings
    •    Photos
    •    Black-and-white and color pieces
    •    High and low art
    •    Mirrors
    •    Pottery
    •    Hanging plants in vases or air plants!
    •    Twinkle lights
You can hang them anywhere:
    •    Kitchen
    •    Livingroom

    •    Bedroom
    •    Hallways
    •    Bathroom
I have one at my house, its an ocean theme with every little piece of watery art my boyfriend and I have collected. It includes art from his house before we met and art that I had in my place during grad school and now a few pieces that we have bought together. By holding all these different types of pieces it signifies our lives before we met and now shares our story creating our first home as a couple. While highlighting our shared love of the ocean. Perfect if you ask me!

Now you're probably wondering how to create your very own gallery wall? Well, let's get to it! This is one of my favorite types of  ways to hang art as it is so flexible and pretty much anything goes.

1. Have Fun
Don't stress too much. Remember that pretty a lot of things you hang together will look great. The more pieces, the merrier. Before you get started, walk around the house and collect any items you could see going into your gallery wall. Mirrors, small art pieces, even a pretty paper mache piece! Gather them up and set them close by where you will be making your gallery wall so that you can add and subtract them as you work. Try taking photos of a few variations that you like as you go. Mix and match colors, combine things you never considered before. How about putting that brightly colored painting next to a mirror? And a plate next to that?

2. Think about how they go together
To start, use two to four primary pieces hung close together to create a visual anchor or focal point. Then fill in with smaller pieces. If you're putting the art over a table or couch, leave about  eight inches between the base of the frame and the top of the furniture. You want your best pieces right at eye height - so about 5'5" off the ground.

3. Go for a color scheme
There are two ways you can go here: keep to one general tone and shade of color ooorrr go for a mix of things. Either works and is going to depend on what you have around the house. As you can see above, this gallery wall was created in shades of cream and grey. Bold black and whites are also very fun and chic! Alternatively, you could play with one set of similar colors and then mix in a couple of bright accent pieces. This is totally up to you - trust your gut and instinct.

4. Share a story
Gallery walls can document and tell a story or tell about something you love. Matt's and my gallery wall shares both our histories and our love of the ocean. One of my good friends has gallery wall of horses in her living room and another one of nudes in the hallway.
You could include photos from trips and artwork that you bought while traveling. You could use only vintage pieces you found at a flea market. Or, just pieces handed down to you by family members. There are so many themes to try out! You're going to have so many ideas that next thing you know, every room in your house will have its own themed gallery wall.

5. Frame it! (or don't ;)
Frames can be a great addition. They add texture and color - BUT they are NOT necessary. If you don't have frames for all your pieces, fret not. Head over here to get ideas on how to frame art when you don't have a frame.
Use any frames you have: interesting, distressed, modern - they all have a place. Don't like the color of one of them? Sand it down with sand paper to give it an interesting finish or treat it with a thin layer of acrylic paint.
6. We like asymmetrical shapes
A gallery wall does not need to be centered. Try hanging pieces to the left or right of center for a look that is more fun and less formal. It will also look more balanced.

7. Be playful + break the rules
Illustrations, paintings, pottery, plates and a crazy mix of distinctive pieces can all have a place here! Mix in drawings with photos and paintings. The more eclectic, the better. Above all - remember to have fun and that you can always change it later. Enjoy!

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