I received my sticker today in the mail, and thank you for the second sticker.
I love them, again thank you, I so appreciate your art work and seeing your pictures of your horse and dog riding on the trails.
You are the real deal, your down to earth, open and honest, and actually care about your clients no matter what!!!
Thank you for your beautiful art work!!
Thank you,
My stickers came today along with a very special gift. My sister and I will cherish the prints you sent! What a tender heart you have, thank you so much💖🐴


I got the canvases and I am floored at how beautiful they are! Thank you for making them available for purchase. I may add one or two more to my collection Depending on where I decide to hang these! - another happy client


Hi Bettina, 

So sorry I didn’t let you know my painting arrived on Friday.  He is even more handsome in person.  Once I find the perfect spot for him, I’ll send a picture.  I have him on the wall, but believe he needs a more regal spot.
Thank you for the gift.  So glad you told me.  I didn’t find them until I went back through the packing.  Love them. 
You have such a talent.  Can’t wait to see what you do next.  
Many blessings,

Oh my goodness! What a surprise to find TWO prints of two beautiful horses in my package today! (And I was so scared to open it because my mail lady folded the envelope in half to shove it in my mailbox. I could have died! But all was fine on the inside...).

Thank you, thank you for your kind gesture. I am going to have both framed as a set and when I eventually hang them, I'll send a photo ;-)
Below is my framed print from the Nature Series. - J.S.


OMG BETTINA!!! Thank you so much for sending Eve too!! I was literally going back and forth between the two when I was trying to decide which one to get! I love them both so much! You are soooo amazing! Air hugs!! - D.

The first time I saw your art work was in a coffee shop in Montecito & my daughter in law showed it to me. So she is the one & my daughter I bought the mugs (& 2 journals :) for plus one for myself & they are so beautiful. Thank yaou for doing such beautiful quality work. - M

Hello Bettina,
Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how excited we were to get the two canvases and the special extra print that you included. They are beautiful and we love them all!
Kind regards,
Kim D.

"I received my art yesterday and it's spectacular! Any mother would be thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift. I love that it's signed and dated to always remember the unique time that we are currently going through. 💞 Thank you Bettina 🙏🏼" - L.K.

Dear Bettina,
My gift, a print of “Small Great Moments” arrived today. I love it! Thank you so very much. You do more storytelling with a single line than I can do writing an entire paragraph.

Hi Bettina,
Thank you for the picture that I received yesterday in the mail. It was for a survey.
It’s so beautiful!!!!🤠🐴
Thank you,

"I love the texture and being able to see the brush strokes, and layers." - Melinda

"The simplicity while each piece is full of character and the subject pops right off the page. I love the pop of gold when used and the moon crescent popping in. I love how you capture the crucial parts of the animal to create motion, personality and emotion." - Kaitlinn

"I love your style! I also love your personal touches with painted embellishments on top of the print." - Wendy

"It's simple and beautiful. It can work in pretty much any space." - Mera

"It’s gorgeous! I love the simple lines - they make it not so horsey that my boyfriend objects haha." - Alyson

When your day makes you want to cry because it's just too hard and then you do cry because someone send you a magical surprise ray of sunshine (piece of art.) Bless you Bettina, your timing is impeccable" - L.M.

"It's just lovely, fits in well with my style and decor" - Amy

"I love the art, the vibe... it’s a statement" - Brandy

"I love the black and white and that it’s not super detailed so the horses can represent any horse that you know. " - E.A.

"Everything is absolutely amazing! I seriously love everything you do!" - M.E.

"I love the feelings between the horses. " - R.B.

"Thank you!!! Your art brings so much joy!" - T.S.

"Good morning! I got the print it's absolutely beautiful! I love it even more in person!" - M.G.

"Hi!!! I received my prints on Saturday, I LOVE THEM!! Thanks so much!" -L.P.

"So excited about this painting! 🙌🏼 Early birthday present for myself. 😍 " - M.N.

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