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Hello there!

I'm so happy you are here and are a part of the art! The art is very special to me, and I hope it becomes special to you too. I started painting as an eight-year old, drawing Breyer Horses from all angles (so that I could be sure to get the anatomy just right), while my Mom read stories out loud. This was a special time and the art has grown like crazy from there. Now, I paint because I can't not paint... it brings me such joy to create in my studio every night, and the best thing of all is that it brings great joy to others (you)! It makes my day whenever a piece goes on to celebrate your wedding, birthday, or anniversary. Those moments make it so worth it. My goal is to make horses and art available for your home.

Most of the art is inspired and looks a bit like my horse Frankie, a 14 year old chestnut Rocky Mountain horse with a flaxen mane and tail. We have been together, exploring trails, the ocean and the occasional jump since he was a gangly 4 year old. It's already been 10 years! How did that happen?!

Mediums vary, and typically include charcoal, sumi ink, gold leaf, and acrylic on canvas or paper.

Thanks for being here!





My goals for the art are simple:

1. Bring horses home: make horses available to every one who loves them.

2. Generosity: be this through gifts, payment plans, working in your budget, non-profit donations, I'd always rather you have the art than not.

3. Fun + creativity: we need fun and creativity to make life worthwhile. Creating for a love of horses.

4. Profit first: We make smart financial decisions to prolong the life of this business.

5. Be kind whenever possible, it's always possible: we don't entertain jerks.

You guys are 90% of the reason I paint. I have so much fun painting, but then seeing the art light up your life makes my day every single time :D

fun facts about bettina

Personality: Enneagram 2w3

Fun skill: I can teach almost any horse how to swim

Childhood: Grew up in Germany and California - and am still figuring out how these two identities mesh

Favorite guilty pleasure: Red wine - obvi ​

Color obsession: this changes every year. This year? Turquoise

Puppy dog: Lolie, 1 year old McNab Cattle Dog

Pony: ​Frankie, 14 year old Rookie Mountain Horse
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