8 Lolie!



Meet Lolie! Pup a Day #8!

As you many have noticed, this is not a horse! I thought I’d add a painting of our sweet pup Lolie.

We added little her to our lives about four weeks ago! And how fun it’s been. What a sweet, sweet soul - I didn’t know you could have such a blast. She’s the cuddliest, wiggliest, happiest little 5 month old cattle dog you’ve ever seen. Since we don’t let her sleep in the bed yet (still crate training and working on the last 10% of potty training), she’ll put her paws up on the bed in the morning and kiss us to death in an effort to wake us up. I was a little worried about her being out with the horses and especially her recall, but she’s figuring that out FAST. Being a bit of a ‘velcro dog’, she’ll stay by my side just about everywhere we are, except of course, when we see another person who looks kissable - then off she goes.

Best thing, did you notice that she matches the pupyy emoji perfectly? What a happy accident 🐶💕

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8 Lolie!
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