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I am so excited to get a portrait of my horse Aloha.  I got Aloha on her 6th birthday, 11.5 years ago! Over our time together she brought me from the 1.0m jumpers all the way to the 1.25m jumpers!  She is the most honest, brave and personality filled horse you will ever meet.  She always took care of me and gave me the courage to jump those big jumps!  Everyone that meets her, from the trainers, groom, vets, farriers and everyone at the barn, always falls in love with her.  As soon as she sees anyone, she will start nickering and will "talk" back to you if you want to carry on a conversation with her :). After a few lameness issues, we decided that her days of jumping big were over, as we wanted her to be sound for the rest of her life.  Now she is leased to a girl up in Washington, carrying her around the smaller jumpers and has earned a whole new fan club up there! I just love this horse and miss her every day. My trainer always told me she is my "horse of a lifetime" and there has never been a truer statement. I think the cropped picture of just her face with her forelock blowing in the wind 100% captures her personality and I would love a portrait based off of that pic.


Thank you for letting me paint your horse. What a treat and an honor, I am so grateful. I hope you enjoy this custom piece as much as I enjoyed creating and that it becomes something to treasure in your home for generations to come.

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Pieces will all be shipped when the series is complete (I want to get one photo of all of them together before I send them away).

With love,


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      Please note, all art comes as is, and is one of a kind. No piece will be the same as another and is an artistic rendering of your horse. No alterations will be made at a later time.


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