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In the words of his owner, Tessa: “I got Faxy when he was one after I had lost both my first horse and the horse I was going to take to college a month and day apart to colic. Faxy is now 17 and has moved with me as I went to school and changed jobs.It has, in some ways been a bumpy ride.He is the sweetest horse you'll meet but he is also a bit hot.We struggled to find a trainer and a barn that was a good fit and for a long time our training felt like "one step forward, two steps back." I never thought I'd be able to get him to settle enough to take to a show or go on a trail ride.It was difficult to feel like we had a good bond and he had a lot of potential but that maybe I just wasn't the rider and trainer he needed.Then we finally found our home.A few years ago we moved to a new barn and he is thriving.We're showing successfully and moving up the levels and, most importantly, we're both having fun.I have learned so much from him and am so glad we kept going through the tough patches.We're a far cry from Laura Graves and Verdades but I joke that he is my Verdades.I can’t wait to see how you capture my boy, Shadowfax (Faxy).

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Thank you for letting me paint your horse! It has been so fun!

I am grateful that you have been a part of this very special project!!

With love,


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12 Faxy!
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