I would always rather that you have the art, than not. Accordingly, am now offering payment plans! Since few things are quite as special as an original piece of art, I would like for these pieces to be accessible and affordable. This option is available for available originals and commissions. I hope you like and make use of this option!

Payment plans break down like this:
  •     2 payments in 2 months
  •     4 payments in 4 months
  •     6 payments in 6 months
  •     8 payments in 8 months
  •    10 payments in 10 months
  •    12 payments over 12 months

Further details:
  • Once the first payment is made, I will mark the painting as "Sold".
  • Artwork will continue to be displayed until payment plan is completed. 
  • Shipping will be charged separately.
  • Payments are non refundable. If 2 months pass without payment, the artwork will be put back up for sale.

Email me at bettina@bettinanorton.com if interested in this option and we will set it up!
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