Cavali bespoke ornament - deposit

I am excited for what we have in the works. I think this will be a great collaboration for Cavali and the winter box.

I spoke with my supplier and have I some timelines lined up. It looks like production + shipping will take about 1.5 - 2 months. And I estimate that artwork will take about a month or two for you and I to finalize our concept. This means, we should give ourselves about 3 months to create this ornament. Especially if we plan to also design the junior grooming tote during this time. Accordingly, I’d recommend that we start the art for the ornament now. That way it is complete well ahead of when I go on leave in late July / early August and then we will have plenty of time for me to line up shipments and production. Allowing for the ornaments to arrive at Cavali / Morro by November 1st.

I am sending you a link to complete your 50% deposit. In the link, I am giving the option to order 1800, 2000 or 2200 ornaments. This is completely up to you, just select the option you would like!

In terms of the art, I am leaning towards creating a customized artwork for this ornament. Usually, I add an additional licensing fee for this. However, I am going to comp that for this ornament this one time :) meaning you will only have the wholesale cost.

Let me know when you have submitted payment, and we can begin art and design work! I am excited to get started on this with you!

Pricing per ornament:
Quantity 2200: $8.00 a piece
Quantity 2000: $8.30 a piece
Quantity 1800: $8.52 a piece

Suggested retail:
$18-24 per ornament



This is for a 50% non-refundable deposit. Final payment and shipping fee will be due when product ships out.
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